Well, they announced so now I guess I can talk about it.

According to their email:

Next Release: VA Smalltalk 9.2

This year Instantiations plans to release VA Smalltalk 9.2, which like version 9.1, has another large set of updates. One of these updates is a new Just-In-Time Compiler for our virtual machine technology that enables it to significantly outperform IBM’s legacy virtual machine.


Also:, of even more interest to me:

Innovation in Unlikely Places

As part of the design process for Instantiations’ new virtual machines, VA Smalltalk was ported to the ARM processor allowing it to run on IoT devices such as the widely popular Raspberry PI. In just under 4 hours, full product compatibility was achieved on a Raspberry PI due to the forward-thinking VM architecture. Because it’s the full VA Smalltalk product on an ARM-based device, all platforms share in the future improvements derived from this port.


I’ll be interested this Access VA Smalltalk for IoT devices with our Early Customer Access Program